5 Best-Selling Japanese Cars in Jamaica

June 4, 2021

Jamaica is,without a doubt, a charming destination with travelers all over the world. Not only it has various mountainous regions, it also is famous for the white sandy beaches. Clearly, Jamaica provides breathtaking attractions for people worldwide for them to explore.

Undoubtedly, there are hidden games in the island country of Caribbean like the Blue Mountains, black rivers, cave valley, discovery bay as well as Nassau valley.

And of course, Jamaica is not just a beautiful travel country. Jamaica people are also a destination of importing vehicles. 

Thanks for the economic condition along with the growing income rate, Jamaica drivers are interested in having banned imported automobiles. And Japanese Used Cars are their most favorite.

This is due to their affordable prices, stylish exterior plus interior, as well as top tier driving performance. For that reason, the number of Japanese used cars imported to Jamaica sharply rises over the year. In this article, we will list our top 5 best-selling Japanese Cars in Jamaica.

Honda brand is also in the list (Photo Source: Pexels)

Toyota Corolla Axio

One of the most famous cars in Japan is Toyota Corolla Axio. This vehicle is a stylish and elegant elite class executive sedan, which is loved and admired in Jamaica Caribbean. If you are a Toyota fan, it is impossible to not appreciate the Corolla Axio. The car not only has a graceful reputation as well as an impression on buyers but also one of the most wanted sedan vehicles in Jamaica.

According to Jamaicars.com, Toyota Corolla Axio is one of the best selling sedan cars in this country. Another highlight about this car is that it is family friendly, which is a reason why it has a sustainable demand among local Jamaican buyers.  

Nissan Note

Another best-selling Japanese car in Jamaica is Nissan Note. With an unique futuristic design of 5 door, Nissan Note is the car all Jamaican wanted. It is also a multi-purpose automobile hatchback that young Jamaican customers love. Along with the fact of being a wonderful value, Nissan Note is an urban class MPV ideal for small families. The vehicle can guarantee to provide an exciting and fun drive for the owners.

Not to mention, the automobile from Nissan has a spectacular and stunning design that immediately grabs your attention. To be more specific, Nissan Note is famous for its pretty interior and smooth exterior that all customers admire and appreciate. 

Suzuki Alto

Unlike the first two vehicles, Suzuki Alto is a Kei hatchback automobile with a small size. Yet they both share one thing in common: They are all loved by Jamaican buyers. Suzuki Alto is a car with a rising buying ratio nowadays.

Not only is it perfect for young women and men for driving experience with kids and families, the vehicle also shows amazing driving technology with ease of road handling. 


Toyota Yaris

Another car of Toyota in the list of top selling Japanese cars in Jamaica is the Yaris. According to Car From Japan, the Toyota Yaris Sedan is the most popular Japanese car in Jamaica of 2020. The reason for that is really simple. The Toyota Yaris is stylish, trendy, and the value of this car is impossible to ignore.

This leads to the doubtedly fact that it becomes a favorite among families of all sizes in Jamaica Caribbean. With the terrain in Jamaica, Toyota Yaris is the best fit for the local due to the urban drive journeys. 

Toyota is always the favorite car brand in the list (Photo Source: Pexels)

Honda Fit Jazz

Last but certainly not least, we have the Honda Fit Jazz. With the outlook of a sporty and stylish hatchback car, this vehicle is amazingly popular among buyers in Jamaica. Providing a sleek striking urban appeal, Honda Fit Jazz is the cup of tea for all the Jamaica locals. The automobile also provides the on-road driving experience with ease.

The purpose of having Honda Fit Jazz is to help people elevate the lifestyle by catching up with all modern technological trends. Because after all, the Jamaican loves importing the luxury Japanese small hatchback vehicle. 

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