How Does Toyota Dominate in Jamaica

June 7, 2021

If you’ve ever been to Jamaica, there is one thing to realize on the road streets of this wonderful country: Toyota rules the landscape. In Jamaica, people drive on the left with the steering wheel on the right, just like the United Kingdom and Japan.

And of course, there can only be one automotive king. If there is one automotive brand that controls the Carribean country, it has to be Toyota. And here are the reasons why Toyota dominates in Jamaica. 

Reasons for the Domination of Toyota in Jamaica

As people say: Hard work pays off. Toyota has worked incredibly hard over the years with the purpose of bringing satisfaction to customers around the globe.

And now, we all know who is the leader in the automotive industry. Below, we will provide you with the information for the success of this brand in Jamaica.


The first reason is definity the quality of Toyota. Around the years, buyers all over the world acknowledged the stunning quality of this brand. It is undeniable that Toyota is one of the top quality car brands.

The quality of Toyota is top-notch (Photo Source: Pexels)

The results can be seen from the continual high numbers with Kelly Blue Book and JD Powers due to the quality ranking. And this is why Jamaican people love Toyota.


Safety is the top concern of all car owners, and Jamaica customers are no exception. Thankfully, Toyota can provide this to buyers. According to, Toyota makes safety its number one priority in both trucks and automobiles.

In the year of 2013, Toyota claimed more IIHS top safety picks than any other brands. 


Durability is another factor for the success of Toyota in Jamaica. According to Polk®, 80% of Toyota with more than 20 years old are still on the road. This is really helpful when it comes to savings, since when you decide to get into a new Toyota vehicle, you’ll know that this car or truck is going to last.

Toyota is famous for protecting you on the road in a safe, quality, and durable way. For that reason, when car owners see the clean numbers, it is obvious to think that these vehicles and trucks can put them a cut above.

In Jamaica, there are countless places where the entire roadway is a pothole.Without a doubt, this is something we can expect from a mountainous country. Therefore sturdiness is a must for automobiles here. And Toyota’s car is certainly the right fit.

Best Resale and Residual  Value

It is obvious that we all want a cheap price car. So how can we find a car with both good resale and residual value? The answer is Toyota. Let’s talk about resale value first. According to Kelley Blue Book, Toyota is the brand with the highest resale price. This brand is famous for making cars that can both afford and improve the quality of the driver’s life.


Along with the reliability, comfortable, enjoyable experience, used cars in Jamaica can be sold at a reasonable price. Along with the best resale value, we can expect good residual value from Toyota. Normally, it is not a good thing to hold the value of the car. Yet Toyota proves the opposite.

With the stunning performance and the high resale price, Toyota outmatches all competitors in the race for residual value. This explains the popularity of Toyota vehicles in Jamaica. 


Every driver wants a car with good reliability, and Jamaican drivers are the same. And according to JD Powers, Toyota cars are one of the highest in reliability numbers.

Toyota car
Car owners can always trust the Toyota vehicle (Photo Source: Pexels)

Toyota  has legendary reliability among owners, and the added support from JD Powers adds confidence that when you purchase a new or used Toyota, you’re getting a highly reliable automobile.

More Selection

Unlike other car brands in Jamaica, Toyota provides a wide range of selections. To be more specific, Toyota owners have more 4WD and AWD automobiles. Along with the fun and outstanding  designs, Toyota is also the number one pick among the outdoor crowd who are looking for style, functionality and reliability vehicles for their adventures.

Year after year, Toyota becomes one of the most industry accolades for its lineup vehicles, along with the AWD and 4WD. 


Talking about innovation, it is impossible to not mention Toyota. This car brand amazed the world with the introduction of the Prius. Along with that, the innovation of Toyota continues with every single model that this brand invented.

Toyota is an automotive industry leader in economy, efficiency, quality for a long time, and now it is innovative. And thanks for that, Toyota has built a loyal following of people, especially Jamaican drivers. 

Green Automobile

Along with other reasons, Toyota is environmentally friendly. According to Car From Japan, with the most cars in the top green vehicles list of 2013, Toyota leads the field in green technology. For example, we have the legendary Prius plug-in, along with Avalon hybrid.

They are solid entries in the field for 2013 and the proof for the environmentally friendly Toyota. And of course, it is suitable for the Jamaican needs.  

The Commitment of Toyota

Last but certainly not least, Toyota has the best customer service. This car brand of Japan always puts the customer first, from practicality to design. This is the perfect example why there is loyalty with Toyota customers.

There are thousands of satisfied drivers who renew their commitment with Toyota or purchase a Toyota car or truck in Jamaica.

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