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14 Pics

Toyota Hilux 2016

Kingston | 166000 mi |Diesel |Right |4WD

Jmd. 6,800,000
Duty paid
20 Pics

Toyota Hilux 2017

Japan | 24000 mi |Diesel |Other |4WD

Jmd. 6,004,860
Duty not paid
16 Pics

Toyota Hilux 2006

Kingston | 157423 mi |Petrol |Right |4WD

Jmd. 6,800,000
Duty paid
21 Pics

Toyota Hilux 2018

Japan | 45000 mi |Diesel |Right |4WD

Jmd. 6,674,780
Duty not paid
7 Pics

Toyota Hilux 2008

Saint Mary | 290000 mi |Diesel |Right |4WD

Jmd. 2,100,000
Duty paid
17 Pics

Toyota Hilux 2015

Kingston | 59000 mi |Diesel |Right |2WD

Jmd. 6,800,000
Duty paid
18 Pics

Toyota Hilux 1999

Japan | 190600 mi |Diesel |Right |2WD

Jmd. 2,169,500
Duty not paid
21 Pics

Toyota Hilux 2020

Japan | 35700 mi |Diesel |Right |4WD

Jmd. 6,765,760
Duty not paid
41 Pics

Toyota Hilux 2002

Japan | 97000 mi |Diesel |Right |4WD

Jmd. 5,520,270
Duty not paid
82 Pics

Toyota Hilux 1989

Japan | 202700 mi |Petrol |Left |4WD

Jmd. 4,976,210
Duty not paid
34 Pics

Toyota Hilux 2004

Japan | 83000 mi |Diesel |Right |4WD

Jmd. 4,972,640
Duty not paid
55 Pics

Toyota Hilux 2003

Japan | 143600 mi |Petrol |Right |4WD

Jmd. 4,132,670
Duty not paid
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When it comes to legendary pickup trucks, the Toyota Hilux stands as a symbol of rugged durability, outstanding performance, and unwavering reliability. With a legacy spanning several decades, the Hilux has captured the hearts of truck enthusiasts around the world. 

In this review below, we will delve into the various aspects of the Toyota Hilux, exploring its features, capabilities, user experiences, and more.

Overview of The Toyota Hilux For Sale in Jamaica

The Toyota Hilux, originally introduced in the late 1960s, has evolved over successive generations to establish itself as a versatile and capable pickup truck. 

Its iconic design, combined with robust engineering, has solidified its place as a preferred choice for both urban commutes and off-road escapades.

First, let’s take a look at some general specifications of the eighth generation of the Toyota Hilux for sale in Jamaica (2015 - present) - one of the most-sought-after Hilux lines on the international used car market!






2-door Pickup Truck

4-door Pickup Truck


2015 - present

Number of seats



Crew Cab: 5,275–5,345 mm (207.7–210.4 in)

Single Cab: 4,935–5,270 mm (194.3–207.5 in)

Smart Cab: 5,275–5,345 mm (207.7–210.4 in)


1,800–1,935 mm (70.9–76.2 in)


Crew Cab: 1,700–1,815 mm (66.9–71.5 in)

Single Cab: 1,690–1,795 mm (66.5–70.7 in)

Smart Cab: 1,695–1,810 mm (66.7–71.3 in)

Ground Clearance

220 - 240 mm (8 - 9 in)


2,750 mm (108.3 in) (short-wheelbase)

3,085 mm (121.5 in) (long-wheelbase)

Curb Weight

1,955–2,100 kg (4,310–4,630 lb)


17 - 18 in Alloy

Cargo volume

1,000 L - 1,200 L (rear seats up)

1,800 L - 2,000 L (rear seat down)

Engine type

In-line, 4-cylinder, 16-valve, DOHC / DOHC Turbo Diesel



2.0 L 1TR-FE I4

2.7 L 2TR-FE I4

4.0 L 1GR-FE V6


2.4 L 2GD-FTV turbo I4

2.5 L 2KD-FTV turbo I4

2.5 L 2KD-FTV turbo-intercooled I4

2.8 L 1GD-FTV turbo I4

3.0 L 1KD-FTV turbo I4

3.0 L 5L-E I4[75]

Power output 

150 hp - 201 hp


300 - 370 lb-ft (Nm)


5-speed MT

6-speed MT / iMT

5-speed AT

6-speed AC60 Super Intelligent ECT automatic


FF / RWD / 4WD

Fuel Tank Capacity

70 L - 80 L

Fuel consumption

7 - 9.0 liters per 100 kilometers (L/100km),

Specifications of the 2015 - 2022 Toyota Hilux for sale Jamaica


The exterior design of the Toyota Hilux exudes a rugged and commanding presence that perfectly complements its reputation as a dependable pickup truck. 

The front fascia features a bold grille, often adorned with the iconic Toyota emblem, flanked by sleek headlights that provide excellent visibility in various conditions. The muscular lines along the sides of the vehicle hint at its robust capabilities while adding a touch of modern aesthetics.

Depending on the trim level and model year, the Hilux might offer various exterior enhancements, such as alloy wheels, protective skid plates, roof rails, and even LED lighting elements.

The bed of the truck is thoughtfully designed, accommodating different bed lengths to suit various cargo needs.


Inside the Toyota Hilux, practicality meets comfort to create an inviting cabin for both drivers and passengers. Despite its rugged exterior, the interior boasts an array of modern features and convenience technologies. 

The seats are designed for long-haul comfort, offering ample support during extended journeys. Depending on the trim level, upholstery ranges from durable fabric to premium leather.

The dashboard layout is intuitive, with user-friendly controls and an easily accessible infotainment system. You can also find a touchscreen display, smartphone integration, navigation, and various connectivity options that enhance the driving experience.


The 2.4L and 2.8L turbo diesel engines are often favored for their impressive torque delivery, which is particularly valuable for towing and off-road driving. These engines strike a balance between power and fuel efficiency, making them suitable for both work and leisure activities.

The available transmission options usually include manual and automatic transmissions, allowing drivers to choose the one that best suits their driving style and needs. 

Off-Roading Capabilities

One of the standout features that distinguish the Toyota Hilux is its exceptional prowess when venturing off the beaten path. 

With purposeful engineering, the Hilux showcases advanced four-wheel-drive systems, an elevated ground clearance, and a meticulously tuned suspension that collectively contribute to a confident and controlled off-road journey.

Safety Features

Safety takes center stage in the design of the Toyota Hilux Jamaica. Equipped with an impressive array of advanced safety technologies, including adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning systems, and automatic emergency braking, the Hilux is engineered to prioritize the well-being of its occupants, enhancing peace of mind on the road.

Reliability and Durability

Renowned for its legendary reliability, the Toyota Hilux has built a reputation for being a workhorse that withstands the test of time. 

From construction sites to remote off-road trails, the Hilux's robust construction and durable components ensure that it remains dependable in the face of challenging conditions. 

Pros and Cons

Here is the summary of the advantages and disadvantages of the Toyota Hilux for sale at a glance for your reference!


  • Iconic and robust design that commands attention
  • Impressive off-road capabilities for adventurous journeys
  • Array of engine choices to suit varied preferences
  • Comprehensive safety features for added peace of mind
  • Time-tested reliability that exceeds expectations


  • Some lower-trim models may lack cabin refinement
  • Higher trim levels can command a higher price point


Here's a price table showcasing the approximate price ranges of used Hilux for sale in Jamaica:

Model Year

Average used cars price

Toyota Hilux

J$1,500,000 - J$11,000,000

2017 Toyota Hilux

J$2,800,000 - J$4,500,000

2018 Toyota Hilux

J$3,000,000 - J$5,000,000

2019 Toyota Hilux

J$3,500,000 - J$5,500,000

2020 Toyota Hilux

J$3,800,000 - J$6,000,000

2021 Toyota Hilux

J$4,000,000 - J$6,500,000

2022 Toyota Hilux 

J$4,200,000 - J$7,000,000

For the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information, it's recommended to consult local sources such as classifieds, used car dealerships, and online car marketplaces in Jamaica.

Final Words

After scrolling through our brief review above, you may already see that in the realm of pickup trucks, the Toyota Hilux reigns pretty supreme. Its enduring legacy, seamlessly intertwining power, performance, and practicality, establishes it as a quintessential choice for adventurers, workers, and families alike. 

With its remarkable off-road capabilities, cutting-edge safety features, and unwavering reliability, the Hilux surpasses the realm of being a mere vehicle – it transforms into an enduring companion for the multitude of journeys that life presents.

Explore our exclusive offers for the Toyota Hilux for sale in Jamaica at today and discover unparalleled deals!