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14 Pics

Honda CR-V 2017

Kingston | Petrol |Right |2WD

Jmd. 4,980,000
Duty paid
16 Pics

Honda CR-V 2016

Kingston | Petrol |Right |Other

Jmd. 4,980,000
Duty paid
20 Pics

Honda CR-V 2019

Japan | 46000 mi |Hybrid |Other |4WD

Jmd. 6,276,600
Duty not paid
17 Pics

Honda CR-V 2019

Saint Elizabeth | 38254 mi |Petrol |Right |Other

Jmd. 6,500,000
Duty paid
19 Pics

Honda CR-V 2016

Kingston | Petrol |Right |2WD

Jmd. 4,980,000
Duty paid
11 Pics

Honda CR-V 2012

Trelawny | 64000 mi |Petrol |Right |Other

Jmd. 4,700,000
Duty paid
14 Pics

Honda CR-V 2016

Saint Catherine | 47018 mi |Petrol |Right |Other

Jmd. 3,850,000
Duty paid
21 Pics

Honda CR-V 2018

Japan | 34900 mi |Petrol |Right |2WD

Jmd. 6,631,910
Duty not paid
15 Pics

Honda CR-V 2012

Saint Catherine | 122322 mi |Petrol |Right |2WD

Jmd. 3,850,000
Duty paid
14 Pics

Honda CR-V 2014

Saint Elizabeth | 0Petrol |Right |Other

Jmd. 6,500,000
Duty paid
14 Pics

Honda CR-V 2017

Hanover | Petrol |Right |2WD

Jmd. 4,150,000
Duty paid
18 Pics

Honda CR-V 2014

Saint Catherine | 160 mi |Petrol |Right |4WD

Jmd. 3,850,000
Duty paid
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The Honda CR-V is a compact crossover SUV known for its reliability, practicality, and comfortable driving experience. 

With a sleek and modern design, it offers a spacious cabin, user-friendly controls, and a range of features such as touchscreen infotainment systems, smartphone integration, and advanced safety options. 

This review below will explore all the aspects of this Japanese model, especially detailing the specs and performance. Get ready to see what makes the Honda CR-V so outstanding on the street!

Honda CR-V Throughout The Year

First Generation (1995-2001)

The first-generation Honda CR-V introduced the compact SUV to the market with its innovative design and practicality. It featured a roomy interior, efficient four-cylinder engine, and available all-wheel drive. While not as refined as later generations, it established the CR-V's reputation for reliability and versatility.

Second Generation (2002-2006)

The second-generation CR-V refined its design and improved its performance. It offered more interior space, enhanced safety features, and a smoother ride. The CR-V became even more popular due to its comfortable driving experience and increased cargo capacity.

Third Generation (2007-2011)

With a more modern design, the third-generation CR-V continued to impress with its practicality and fuel efficiency. It introduced new features like a navigation system and advanced safety technologies. 

Fourth Generation (2012-2016)

This generation brought improved fuel efficiency, updated styling, and a higher-quality interior. It offered a smoother and quieter ride, along with innovative technology options. 

Fifth Generation (2017-2021)

The fifth-generation CR-V showcased a more upscale design, turbocharged engine options, and an even more spacious cabin. It introduced the Honda Sensing suite of advanced safety features as a standard on higher trim levels, enhancing its safety profile. 

Sixth Generation (2022-present)

The sixth-generation CR-V was unveiled on 12 July 2022. In this generation, there are some significant upgrades on the interior.

The second-row seats now have 15 mm (0.6 in) additional legroom and can recline to a maximum of 10.5 degrees. In addition, the seats include rear-side torso airbags and outboard seatbelt pretensioners.

Honda CR-V: An In-Depth Review

Let's take a look at some of the features of this car and why it’s so well-loved by people worldwide.

Here are the general specifications of the 2017-2018 Honda CR-V LX - one of the most successful series of Honda CR-V for sale in Jamaica!






5-door Hatchback


2017 - 2018

Number of seats

5 seats


180.6 in


73.0 in

Height (2WD/AWD)

66.1 in - 66.5 in

Ground Clearance

7.8 in - 8.2 in


104.7 in


18 in Alloy

Curb Weight (2WD/AWD) 

3358 lbs - 3473 lbs

Cargo volume (rear seat up/down)

39.2 cu ft - 75.8 cu ft

Towing Capacity

1500 lbs

Engine type

In-Line 4-Cylinder with Single-Scroll MHI TD03 Turbo and Internal Wastegate


190 @ 5600 rpm


179 lb-ft  @ 2000-5000 rpm

Valve Train

16-Valve DOHC





Fuel Tank Capacity

14.0 gallon

Fuel consumption

2WD: City/Highway/Combined: 28 / 34 / 30

AWD: City/Highway/Combined: 27 / 33 / 29

General specifications of Honda CR-V 2017-2018 EX

Exterior & Interior

The Honda CR-V features a prominent front grille, well-defined lines, and stylish headlights. It's designed to offer a balance between comfort and utility, making it a popular choice for families and individuals alike.

Inside, the CR-V tends to offer a spacious and well-designed cabin with comfortable seating and user-friendly controls. 

Depending on the trim level and used model year, it can come equipped with a range of features such as touchscreen infotainment systems, smartphone integration (Apple CarPlay and Android Auto), advanced safety features (Honda Sensing suite), panoramic sunroof, leather upholstery, and more.


The CR-V has typically been equipped with inline-four-cylinder engines. Engine displacements have varied across generations, ranging from around 2.0 to 2.4 liters for the non-turbocharged engines.

In addition, the power outputs can range from approximately 140 to 190+ horsepower.

Furthermore, many CR-V models offer optional all-wheel drive (AWD) systems, which can enhance traction and stability in various driving conditions.

Performance and Driving

In terms of performance, the Honda CR-V may not be classified as a high-performance SUV, but it excels in other crucial aspects. The vehicle's driving dynamics are finely tuned to offer a balance that caters to various driving preferences.

The CR-V boasts responsive handling, ensuring that navigating both city streets and winding roads is a pleasant experience. This SUV strikes a harmonious chord between agile maneuverability and a smooth, controlled ride.

While the Honda CR-V establishes itself as a leading contender by providing a commendable driving experience, it's important to acknowledge certain issues that have surfaced across different generations of the vehicle.

These considerations contribute to evaluating the CR-V as a comprehensive and appealing option aligned with your preferences. 


Modern CR-V models come equipped with a range of advanced safety features designed to prevent accidents and protect occupants.

These features may include adaptive cruise control, which maintains a safe distance from other vehicles on the road, lane departure warning, alerting the driver if the vehicle drifts out of its lane, automatic emergency braking that mitigates collision risks, and blind-spot monitoring, offering increased awareness of vehicles in adjacent lanes.

Reliability and Resale Value

The Honda CR-V's well-built components and durable engineering translate to lower maintenance costs and longer ownership satisfaction. 

Additionally, the CR-V retains its value remarkably well, making it a smart investment for those looking for long-term vehicle ownership.


On average, a preowned model in excellent condition will cost between JMD 2,000,000 and JMD 8,000,000. If you buy from someone's private collection, the price may be higher.

You can also get a used Honda CR-V for sale at a reasonable price if you buy it directly from Japan.

Model Year

Price of used cars on

Honda CR-V (in all Jamaica)

JMD 550,000 - JMD 7,700,000

Honda CR-V 2018

~ JMD 3,000,000

Honda CR-V 2019

~ JMD 4,000,000

Honda CR-V 2020

~ JMD 5,000,000

Honda CR-V 2021

~ JMD 5,500,000

Honda CR-V 2022

~ J$5,600,000

Bringing together its blend of design, expansive interior, cutting-edge technology, and dependable performance, the CR-V offers a holistic package that appeals to a wide range of drivers.

So whenever you are looking for a Honda CR-V for sale, remember to explore authorized Honda dealerships and reputable sellers or online auto marketplace like!